Jennifer Hodgen Robinson and
George Watland
Acting Co-Directors

Jennifer and George are jointly responsible for Chapter wide fundraising initiatives including Major Gifts, Cars4Causes, the Hike Donation Program, the 1000 at $100 campaign, the March and August Membership Appeals the Cheers or Tears Tribute Card Program and partnerships with outside organizations and companies such as; Amoeba Records and Warner Bros.  They also handle all bequest, annuity and planned giving inquiries.

Until a permanent Chapter Director is named, they will collaborate to manage Chapter staff; support our members and volunteer leaders, and oversee operations including fiduciary oversight and budget maintenance, programs and projects.

Jennifer and George work in partnership with the Chapter Executive Committee Chair to move Chapter policies and programs forward.

Contact them with any and all Chapter concerns or queries.

Contact Jennifer at jennifer.robinson@sierraclub.org or call (213) 387-4287, Ext. 204.

Contact George at george.watland@sierraclub.org and (213) 387-4287, Ext. 210.



Jane MacFarlane
Chapter Coordinator

Jane is responsible for office management of the Chapter, including daily administrative operations, training and supervision of the office volunteers and maintenance of  the office, equipment and schedule, along with many other administrative tasks.

She also performs all of the Chapter’s accounting duties, from processing donations, invoices and reimbursement requests through closing journal entries and the preparation of the Annual Financial Statement and the annual independent audit.

She trains and supports the Chapter Treasurer and works closely with Chapter Staff, Volunteer Treasurers and the National’s accounting team to comply with the Sierra Club's requirements.

Contact Jane at jane.macfarlane@sierraclub.org or call (213)387-4287, Ext. 205.



Jennifer Hodgen Robinson
Conservation Program Coordinator

Jennifer works to promote environmental protections in Los Angeles and Orange counties. 

She helps facilitate conservation campaigns, develop campaign strategy, and implement projects. Jennifer serves as liaison with Sierra Club grassroots activists, elected officials and partner organizations to advocate for Sierra Club policy.

She also provides education through presentations, social media and internet outreach. Contact Jennifer at jennifer.robinson@sierraclub.org or call (213) 387-4287, Ext. 204.



George Watland
Conservation Program Coordinator

George is one of two coordinators that support the Conservation campaigns of the Angeles Chapter.  He works with Conservation leaders to organize projects, recruit and organize volunteers, and develop strategies for policy advocacy, public outreach, fundraising, and research methods.  George helps to manage relationships with other environmental groups that collaborate with the Chapter and its leaders on various conservation issues. 

He also supports e-communications activities for Chapter email, website development and social media outreach. 

Contact George at george.watland@sierraclub.org and (213) 387-4287, Ext. 210.



Mary Forgione
Southern Sierran and Website Editor

Mary is an L.A.-based journalist with three decades of writing and editing experience at daily newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and other publications.

She's also a longtime Angeles Chapter outings leader for the Wilderness Adventures Section and a regular hiker at Griffith Park.

Mary oversees production of the quarterly Southern Sierran print edition, the monthly Southern Sierran e-newsletter and updates the Chapter website with events and news relevant to our readers and to the mission of the Sierra Club. She also updates the Chapter's Facebook page and Twitter feeds for breaking news. Contact Mary at mary.forgione@sierraclub.org or call (213) 387-4287, Ext. 212.



The phone number for the Chapter Office is 213-387-4287.

Office Volunteers

Gloria Cedrone, Charming Evelyn, Jim Ulmer, Bonnie Kinnear, and Edward McKitrick






[Desert Five Spot flower (Nemophila Maculata), header photo by Derek Wallentinsen]