Becoming a Leader

After you've been hiking for a while and have become familiar with some of the trails, you may feel eager to share your enjoyment of the outdoors with others as a Sierra Club Outings Leader. The Leadership Training Committee can give you the preparation you need for certification by the Angeles Chapter Safety Committee as a qualified leader of safe, enjoyable outings.

What Are The Qualities Needed For Leadership?

Judgment, inspiration, awareness and current membership in the Sierra Club are the most important qualities in a leader.  Fitness level, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, income and educational level do not matter.  We welcome and encourage people of all ages and from all backgrounds to become outings leaders!  The more diverse our leaders are, the more diverse are the outings we can offer!

Why Be A Sierra Club Leader?

"One GLS leader was recently heard to extol the benefits of leading trips: 'You can go where you want, with whom you want, at the pace you want.' Another [leader] once told me she was gaining leadership skills and confidence that applied to her professional life.  Others have felt fulfillment from sharing the wilderness experience with others.  Beyond the personal benefits of leading, there are many benefits that leadership brings to others.  Without leaders many people are too shy to venture into the forests or onto the mountains. Without leaders no one would know when to show up for a group activity, or where to park.  Without leaders there would be no outings." -- Will McWhinney, long-time outings leader and former Chair of the Chapter's Outings Management Committee

The Leadership Training Program

This program is conducted by the Leadership Training Committee (LTC).  For information on their training schedule and enrollment, please visit the LTC website.

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