Safety and Management

Angeles Chapter Outings Management Committee
The Outings Management Committee manages all aspects of the outdoor activities program of the Chapter, including training and risk management, promotes outdoor leadership, and provides support for entity outings chairs. For more information, go to the Outings Management Committee's website.

Safety Committee
The Safety Committee reviews and approves outings procedures established by Groups, Committees, and Sections; monitors the Schedule and Chapter newsletters to assure that leaders are qualified and outings are appropriate; investigates outing accidents and complaints from participants. For more information, go to the Safety Committee's website.

Leadership Training Committee
The Leadership Training Committee conducts a Leadership Training Program that prepares prospective leaders for certification by the Angeles Chapter Safety Committee. For more information, go to the Leadership Training Committee's website.

Wilderness Training Committee
The Wilderness Training Committee conducts a Wilderness Travel Course to teach trip participants the basic skills needed to safely enjoy backcountry travel. For more information, go to the Wilderness Training Committee's website.

[Inner City Outings Inter-Chapter Trip through California, header photo by Alan Fein]