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Welcome to the Southern Sierran, published by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties. For PDFs of print issues, please visit our Southern Sierran Archives.

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  • Pollution: L.A. votes in ban on single-use plastic bags at supermarkets!


  • Nuclear power: Sierra Club's No Nukes Team notes Japan's shut down of nuclear plants.

  • Southern California may be particularly vulnerable to fracking.

  • “Shame on them!” cried labor, environmental and community activists assembled in front of American Reclamation’s waste sorting center in the Atwater area of Los Angeles.

  • Griffith Park: Proposed ballfields run afoul of founder's vision. Listen to KPCC debate with Sierra Club leader Joe Young.

  • A federal appeals court decision in an Arizona case sharply restricts and may end the Adventure Pass program that imposes recreation fees for visitors to Angeles National Forest and other federal lands. The U.S. Forest Service, though, made no immediate move to change its fee system.

  • “Connecting people to our lands is personally important to me,” said President Obama at the White House Conference on Conservation held in early March. The conference, convened by the President and his cabinet, was titled Growing America’s Outdoor Heritage and Economy.

  • The sun was setting over the horizon, casting a pink hue over the vast blue ocean before us. A cool breeze whipped over the rolling hills and blew past me, rustling our tents. The students began walking out from the brush to join me at the campsite and sat next to me silently, meditatively.

  • Last November, President Barack Obama used the Antiquities Act to protect Virginia’s Fort Monroe, an important and symbolic Civil War site. In April, he designated the 7,200 acres of Fort Ord on the Monterey Peninsula his second national monument.

  • The road to clean energy
    The true cost of energy?