San Gabriel Valley Task Force

San Gabriel Valley Task Force

Chair:  Joan Licari

Telephone: 626-330-4229

E-mail:  jlicari2013@gmail.com

Meetings: As needed, Contact Chair (above).

We invite you to join us!

The San Gabriel Valley Task Force of the Angeles Chapter of Sierra Club addresses regional conservation issues in the entire San Gabriel Valley stretching from the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, south to the Montebello and Puente-Chino Hills.  Our Task Force monitors activities that pose threats to open space and habitat within the region.  We are interested in water supplies and quality, waste and landfills, air quality and transportation. 

A major long-term focus of our activities has been on the San Gabriel River and Rio Hondo watersheds and planning, support and development the Emerald Necklace—a 17-mile-long loop of greenbelt, parks and trails that connect the San Gabriel River, the Whittier Narrows and the Rio Hondo.   Goals are to restore the river's natural functioning; to set examples for conservation of water resources; and promote the cultural heritage and historic significance of the San Gabriel River, Rio Hondo, and their tributaries.

Members include representatives from the Pasadena, Rio Hondo and Long Beach Groups and any other interested Sierra Club members.  The Task Force works in partnership with government agencies, elected leaders, conservancies, cities as well as community groups and nonprofit conservation groups to support the environmentally best solutions to projects proposed within the Valley.

Projects with which we are currently involved:

  • Involvement in planning for the proposed new Discovery Center in Whittier Narrows, a nature center serving as gateway to the Whittier Narrows
  • Preservation of the Gordon-Mull property in Glendora as open space rather than as a housing development.
  • Opposing the construction of a hazardous waste facility near the margins of the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.
  • Continuing support of Emerald Necklace projects.
  • Providing input as planning is in progress for the new Puente Hills Regional Park, located on the closed Puente Hills Landfill
  • ·Advocating for opening of blocked trailheads that limit public use of Native Habitat Authority lands in the Puente Chino Hills.
  • Providing input on the new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument with support for ultimate creation of a national recreational area extending from the Gabriel Mountains to the San Gabriel River, the Rio Hondo and into the Puente-Chino Hills.
  • Actively opposing new oil drilling on the Native Habitat Authority lands in the Puente-Chino Hills