PDF of March/April 2012 Issue

Download the Southern Sierran issue March/April 2012 [PDF:5.3Mb] published by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, serving Los Angeles and Orange counties.

PDF of January/February 2012 Issue

Download the Southern Sierran issue January/February 2012 [PDF:3.3Mb] published by the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, serving Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Passages: Sierra Club leader Phil Dorner

Longtime Sierra Club leader Philip Henderson Dorner died on Aug. 16, 2013. He was 90 years old.

Griffith Park's field of schemes

Although Colonel Griffith J. Griffith donated almost 4,000 acres of his Rancho Los Feliz land to the City of Los Angeles in order to provide a place of respite for the “plain people,” many eye this piece of real estate as a land of financial or patronage opportunity. L.A. City Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s 4th District includes almost all of Griffith Park. The councilmember often proclaims his love for the park, and, to show his love, he would like to gift the park with some pet projects.

Is this the face of nature's next generation? We hope so

We (heart) Abby, big-time. Why? Because she's the face of the Sierra Club's future -- and a promising one at that.

Abby King, a newly minted 14-year-old, hopes to complete 25 of the peaks on the Angeles Chapter's Hundred Peaks Section list by the end of the year.

She even created this sweet peak-of-a-cake for the 2014 HPS Banquet earlier this year. Awww.

The natural side of Israel

When you hear Jerusalem, Masada, the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee, Crusader castles, and the Jordan River, you think of Israel. But what about stunning coral reefs, strikingly bold deserts, luxuriant mesas, stark white sea cliffs, verdant streams and rivers, millions of migrating birds — do you also know this is Israel?

What have we done for you lately? Plenty!

If you wonder what the Angeles Chapter has been working on to help the planet, we have much to tell. In 2013, conservation activities focused on preventing a restart of the failed San Onofre nuclear power plant; promoting sustainable and reliable local water supplies and oppose expensive environmentally-damaging water sources, including desalination and the Bay Delta tunnels proposal in Northern California; and addressing waste issues to promote sustainability and address the impacts of landfills on global climate change.


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