Local LEEDers

Sustainably harvested wood. Solar paneling. Green energy. These and many other criteria are rapidly becoming the standard of the building industry thanks to an innovative program called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Forest Committee devotes itself to affecting plans

Influencing the long-range management plans that the Forest Service is developing for our Southern California's national forests will be a major focus of the Angeles Chapter's Forest Committee this year. At bimonthly meetings, the committee will help stimulate an effective response to the final plans when they are made public this summer. The plans cover two national forests in the Chapter's area, the Angeles and Cleveland, as well as two other Southern California forests, the San Bernardino and Los Padres.

Electricity in California: dirty secrets and clean innovations

What really happens when you turn on your air conditioner on a hot July afternoon? Do you know where your electricity comes from? How dirty (or clean) is it really? Considering that electricity production is one of our biggest sources of air pollution and a major cause of climate change, you ought to know the answers to these questions by heart.

News in brief

Chapter files suit on Dana Pt.

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter and the South Orange County chapter of the Surfrider Foundation jointly filed a lawsuit challenging California Coastal Commission approval of the city of Dana Point's Local Coastal Plan Amendment and Headlands Development and Conservation Plan.

After the filing, landowner Headlands Reserve LLC agreed to a 30-day stay of construction activity pending a hearing on a preliminary injunction.

Cool it!

Cheap and easy ways to lay off the AC this summer

Compiled by Jim Stewart

Our biggest home energy consumption in Southern California is cooling-unless you take steps to reduce use of your air conditioner. Most of these ideas cost little or nothing.

Efficient cooling system

Use portable or ceiling fans and open windows whenever you can instead of operating your air conditioner. Even mild air movement of 1 mph can make you feel three or four degrees cooler.

Groups scramble for 11th-hour purchase of Soka parcel

A critical deadline has been reached in the campaign to save the Soka property in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has optioned the 588-acre property for $35 million, but the option will expire if the full amount is not paid by April 15, and the property will be sold to the highest bidder.


Frank L. Goodykoontz, 1926-2005

Multiply awarded outings leader Frank Goodykoontz passed away on New Year's Day. He finished the Hundred Peaks Section list first in 1977 on Heart Bar Peak and for the ninth time in 1995. He led the HPS list four times. He received the following HPS awards: the John Backus Leadership Award in 1986, the R. S. Fink Award in 1990, and the Preeminent All-Time Leader Award in 1999. He also received the Angeles Chapter Chester Versteeg Award in 1994.

Nature the destroyer needs our protection

The year began with news dominated by reports of death and destruction following the massive Indonesian earthquake. At first the death toll was counted in the thousands, then the tens of thousands, then over a hundred thousand. By some reports the dead and missing now number over a quarter million. So many lives gone so quickly, and not due to an act of humanity, but the raw force of nature. The reports tell that many of the victims were initially drawn to the shore, standing in wonderment as the water receded, then were swept away as the waves flooded in.

Mammoth unmasked

Mammoth from the Inside: The Honest Guide to Mammoth & the Eastern Sierra, by Colleen Dunn Bates, Prospect Park Publishing, http://insidemammoth.com, $15.95

Thanksgiving with the crocodiles

Looking for an exotic trip without leaving the country? Join the third Angeles Chapter-sponsored Natural and Wild Florida trip. Participants will snorkel in a coral reef, swim with manatees, and tour the Everglades, among other adventures.

This year's trip of 10 days and 10 nights, November 18-28, has been extended from previous trips to allow for more activities.


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