Tahiti, beyond the legend

Tahiti and the South Pacific.

Mention that to a friend and their mind might be filled with images of turquoise lagoons and swaying palms above a white coral beach. But Tahiti and the islands of Polynesia are much more than that.

Picturesque beach at Bora Bora in French Poylnesia.
Photo by Steve Feld

Not even footprints

Reprinted from the Yodler.

It has been customary for people to assume that when we are not directly interfering with wildlife, we are not harming them. Besides being a convenient rationalization, this assumption is understandable: We assume that others, even members of other species, are like us. We don't feel very threatened by the presence of other species; we are, after all, the top predator. We also live surrounded by plenty; most of us can't imagine what it is like to go hungry for even one day.

WTC leader replaces Chapter coordinator after nine-year run

After nearly 10 years of service to the Angeles Chapter, office coordinator Linda Hoyer has moved on. She has been replaced by longtime Chapter leader George Denny.

Linda Hoyer

Hoyer, a member since 1983, plans to volunteer her time to the Club and also to get out and hike, something her demanding job has not allowed much time for.

Costa Rica trip stages an encore

It's back by popular demand-the Angeles Chapter's trip to Costa Rica. The next trip is set for Nov. 4-19.

Catalina comeback

Once-popular trip to Emerald Bay is resurrected by 20's & 30's Singles Section, Orange County Sierra Singles

Coastal Commission approves Bolsa Chica development

On April 14, the California Coastal Commission met in Santa Barbara to hear the latest application from Hearthside Homes for their Brightwater Project, proposed for the upper bench of the Bolsa Chica Mesa. By a vote of 11 to 1, the Commission approved the 349-unit project on 105 acres overlooking the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

Tina Terrell: From urban roots grows a love of forestry

Cleveland National Forest supervisor Tina Terrell recently toured Morrell Canyon at the invitation of Chapter forest activists. Terrell, who was named to the post last summer, is California's second African-American female forest supervisor, just behind Gloria Brown, who oversees the Los Padres National Forest.

OC Inner City Outings leads cell phone recycling drive

Imagine all that extra space if you cleaned out those cell phones and computer monitors that are cluttering up your closet or garage. You know you can't just toss them in the trash, so what should you do?

Lisa Hellman, secretary of Orange County Inner City Outings, discovered a solution that complies with the law, protects the environment, and helps fund her activities with inner city youth. Hellman is coordinating a cell phone collection drive in conjunction with Ease E-Waste, a Santa Ana-based company that specializes in the responsible and lawful disposal of electronic waste.

Endangered Species Act heading for endangered list?

Least Bell's vireo. Quino checkerspot butterfly. Southwestern arroyo toad. San Bernardino flying squirrel. Ashy grey Indian paintbrush. These are just a few of the thousands of unique and beautiful animals and plants found only in Southern California and nowhere else on earth. These species thrive in the diverse habitats in our region, ranging from streamside woodlands and sandy river terraces to coastal sage scrub to pine forests and pebble plains.

The Green Gardener: Win the weed war, organically

If you haven't kept up with weeding over this wet winter you may find yourself knee high in dandelions, stinging nettle, and grasses. You may be tempted to reach for an herbicide, but please consider the following before you do.


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