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Palos Verdes-South Bay Group

The facts

Founded in 1965

Serves the 4,000 Sierra Club members residing in San Pedro, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lawndale, Wilmington, Gardena, Carson, Lomita, and Harbor City

Number of currently active leaders: 54

The fun stuff

Santa Clarita development poses as smart growth

and DeLise Keim

The Sierra Club has officially opposed the proposed Las Lomas development in the Newhall Pass just north of Sylmar, at the northwest corner of the Interstate 5 and State Route 14 interchange.

Hazardous household waste disposal

Trying to make sense of regulations can be hazardous to your patience. Being green in one's everyday affairs always involves a little extra work. Separating garbage, carpooling, and all the other small things we might do to preserve our environment require some sacrifice, but they are simple tasks that are well-publicized as the right things to do. Therefore, when it comes to things we must do, or in fact are legally obligated to do, one would hope that these activities would be broadly communicated to the public and relatively easy to comply with.

Club youth group gives award to Mexican rock band for commitment to environment

On Thanksgiving eve, young environmental crusaders Juan Martinez and Andrew Anderson presented the Mexican rock band, Maná, with a Sierra Club-sponsored Green Award at the La Banda Elastica Latin Alternative Music Awards.

'Maná's work is really cool because you wouldn't think that rockers would be interested in things of the earth, but I am glad they do because we need everyone's help' said Anderson.

Voracious invader: Nonnative snakehead wreaks havoc

Imagine a fresh water fish that can grow to the size of a rolled-up tent, has an appetite so voracious that it feeds on small mammals, and has reportedly killed humans with its razor-sharp teeth. Now imagine that this fish, after clearing a lake of all food sources, can emerge on the shore and squirm across land for days on its dorsal fins to find a new loch filled with fresh prey.

Too many summits left to climb

A few thousand feet below me, a vast table of pale rock touches the horizon without a speck of green anywhere. Above, steep rock juts out against the bright blue sky. I'm standing close to the Whitney Notch on the Mountaineers Route almost 14,000 feet up above it all, wondering how I managed to get here.

Six months ago I was on my back in bed recovering from quintuple heart bypass surgery.

Unexpected trouble

Sierra Club appeals Solstice Creek ruling in favor of hotel

The Sierra Club has appealed the trial court judgment upholding the city of Malibu's approval of a 54-room hotel (27 luxury guest suites) within the 100-foot riparian buffer of year-round Solstice Creek, where the National Park Service is leading efforts to restore a spawning run of the endangered southern steelhead. The setback is required by the Malibu General Plan and the 2002 Malibu Local Coastal Program, which the Court of Appeal recently ordered a recalcitrant city council to enforce.

News and Notes

Sierra Summit 2005

Join the hybrid evolution!

Angeles Chapter Executive Committee Vice Chair

On March 20, my wife and I took delivery of a brand spanking new Toyota Prius, a hybrid automobile. That simple act brought home to me the technological advances that are here today, economically feasible, and real; advances which have the potential for reducing our dependence on oil, foreign or domestic, by at least 40 percent without sacrificing luxury, comfort, power, or reliability.

What's (eco) cooking?

The Sierra Club Sustainable Consumption Committee's True Cost of Food Campaign makes it clear that our choice of food, now more than ever during the holiday season, affects our earth, our health, and what we leave as a legacy to our children and our children's children. Let's pause to think about where the food we eat came from and at what cost to the environment. This holiday season, please choose plant-based, organic, and locally grown.


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