Local forests threatened by proposed roadless rule reversal

The wild, roadless areas of our forests are under attack by the Bush administration. You can help defend the areas by making sure that the U.S. Forest Service receives a written comment from you before Nov. 15.

The Bush administration is trying to remove important protection from 60 million acres of our public land, including over half a million roadless acres in four Southern California national forests.

Locally, that accounts for nearly 15 percent of the land area in our forests and most of the wild backcountry that has not yet been officially protected as wilderness.

Green up the season

The holiday season is about more than just material goods or 'stuff,' as the simplicity organization Seeds of Simplicity puts it. It is a time to express gratitude for the earth's bounty in fall and a time to express joy and hope in response to her evergreen promise of life's continuation in winter.

Freely trading environment for profit

and Megan Garcia

Most environmentalists see the upcoming presidential ballot as an easy choice. It is expected that Kerry will carry on the Clintonian legacy of protecting the environment, as he has already touted 'green and clean communities.' Bush, on the other hand, offers Healthy Forests (a.k.a. Leave No Tree Left Behind) legislation and a well-documented history of favoring corporate interests over environmental protection.

Hikers dies in Sierra Nevada accident

Angeles Chapter Wilderness Training Committee leader Brian Reynolds died in a climbing accident on Aug. 22. Brian fell while climbing the steeply exposed northeast face of Middle Palisade on a mountaineering trip sponsored by WTC and the Sierra Peaks Section.

Brian Reynolds

photo by Joshua Hibbard

What have you done for Planet Earth lately?


I recently opened up the tank in my toilet and put in three filled, 1-liter plastic bottles. This cuts down on the amount of water that is filled up in the tank and subsequently used for each flush. I noticed no difference whatsoever in the flush, and I'm doing my part to save water.

Nathan Johnson

Road trip!

Sierra Club Regional Representative


Sierra Club volunteer bringing information to Reno voter.

Photo by Eric Wesselman

Poll workers can help keep elections fair

The total votes cast in a precinct may not seem like much: 350-800 people. But the cliché 'every vote counts' is true. In November 2003, a Culver City school board race ended in a tie. (The winner was chosen by drawing colored marbles from a bag.) In March 2004, Sierra Club member Lynne Plambeck won her election to the board of the Newhall County Water District by 127 votes. Another incumbent won by 11 votes.

Organic: Good for you, good for the planet

, M.D.

National Sustainable Consumption Committee

When you choose organically grown food, you protect your health, the health of wild animals and the health of our waterways.

News and Notes

ExComm Meeting

The Angeles Chapter Executive Committee will meet Sunday, Oct. 24, 1pm, in the Chapter office conference room.

Weekend Parking Corrected

Parking inside the Equitable Plaza Building on weekends and holidays is restricted to holders of keycards. If you come regularly for Saturday or Sunday Sierra Club meetings, you may arrange for a card with Bonnie Sharpe. Street parking is available. Observe time restrictions.

Thanks, Diane

L.A. proposal to increase affordable housing stirs questions about growth

In April, Los Angeles City Council members Ed Reyes and Eric Garcetti unveiled a proposal to require that a portion of all new homes and apartments built in the city be made affordable to working people. The proposal, known as inclusionary zoning, has spurred a debate about how, where, and whether new housing should be constructed in various neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Although the proposal is backed by a diverse coalition of 80 local groups, it has met with resistance from residents who oppose more density in their neighborhoods.

To grow or not to grow?


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