To fish or not to fish

You've sworn off red meat long ago and need a break from the winged flesh that's becoming oh-so boring regardless of the way it's cooked. Your disdain of factory farming reinforces your abandoning domesticated animals for food. You're not quite ready for lacto-ovo-vegetarianism or veganism, so you turn to fish as a possible last resort for a source of animal protein.

The True Cost of Food

Chair, National Sustainable Consumption Committee

The United States, with less than 5 percent of the world's people, consumes over 25 percent of its resources.

And that's not even the bad news. The really scary news is that the rest of the planet is scrambling to catch up with our lifestyle. If all 6.4 billion people did so, we'd need four more Earths to accommodate them.

Grass-Fed Beef: Solution or Diversion?

Google 'grass-fed beef' these days and you're likely to see it described as everything from 'old-fashioned goodness,' and 'meat without the guilt' to 'the right thing to do.'

Naturally, ranchers, farmers and restaurateurs anxious to profit from changing consumer tastes are singing grass-fed beef's praises, but so are many environmentalists, food activists, and proponents of local, organic, sustainable agriculture. A Sierra Club E-File tells us, 'By buying beef conscientiously, you can enjoy a fine steak and help steer modern agriculture in the right direction.'

Organic: Good for you, good for the planet

, M.D.

National Sustainable Consumption Committee

When you choose organically grown food, you protect your health, the health of wild animals and the health of our waterways.


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