Club joins lawsuit to stop massive Ranch Plan in OC

The Sierra Club has joined an environmental lawsuit challenging the Nov. 8, 2004, decision of the Orange County Board of Supervisors to approve the application of Rancho Mission Viejo for a massive development known as the Ranch Plan.

Mt. Rainier...eventually

You can tug all you want. I'm not gonna move any faster, you son of a --! My friend R.J. Secor was on the other end of the rope, trying to motivate me. That is your friend up there, I reminded myself. Nothing like rope travel to bring out the worst in me.


The author's summit-mate, R.J. Secor, at 12,000 feet on the Emmons-Withrop Glacier, Mount Rainier.

Peek at the Past

Green paint...in every color

Did you know that painting releases over 50 tons of smog-forming pollution each year in Southern California, five times as much as all our area's oil refineries? Paint is classified as toxic waste, and for good reason-the solvent in both oil- and water-based paint can trigger headaches and asthma attacks, weaken the immune system, damage the liver and kidneys, and poison groundwater.

But paint doesn't have to be bad for the environment. Today's green paints come in a huge range of colors, finishes, and materials. They're easy and fun to use and can accommodate most budgets.

ICO leaders bring urban youth to nature

For Laura McCutcheon, the most recent Inner City Outings 'moment' came a month or two back. The group of third graders she was leading had just read a story about a deer that wandered from the woods to eat from backyard gardens, stirring a neighborhood debate whether to kill the animal or let it live.

'A week later, we hiked and saw deer in the Santa Monica Mountains,' McCutcheon said. 'You couldn't measure my kids' excitement.'

Las Lomas development halted

The proposed Las Lomas 5,800-home housing development in northern Los Angeles County has been blocked by Los Angeles and Santa Clarita officials.

CAFTA: "Investor rights" trump public health, environment

Chair, Sierra Club's Responsible Trade/Human Rights Campaign

News in brief

Logging plan challenged

Six conservation organizations have filed suit in federal court challenging the U.S. Forest Service plan to increase logging in Giant Sequoia National Monument in the southern Sierra.

The national monument east of Porterville contains more than half of the world's sequoia trees. Their huge size, beauty and long life led to a drive to protect them, and President Clinton in 2000 gave them permanent protection by designating 328,000 acres, about one-third of Sequoia National Forest, a national monument under the Antiquities Act.

Chapter banquet will celebrate volunteers

The Angeles Chapter relies on the volunteer services of its members. They ring doorbells, prepare exhibits, sit at tables and talk to the public, lead hikes, come out for work parties, repair and supervise our lodges, and do everything else needed to keep the Chapter running smoothly.

Chapter sets training workshops for volunteers both new and experienced

Among the many helpful topics at this year's Volunteer Training is public relations. A PR specialist will train our activists to most effectively communicate with officials. Space is limited to 10 people only, so sign up quickly. Participants will go through mock lobbying sessions, then be coached and critiqued on their presentations.


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