Mayor Villaraigosa receives Sierra Club award for L.A.'s coal-free power play

Former two-term Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has received the Sierra' Club's Edgar Wayburn Award, which honors outstanding service to the environment by a person in government. Under Villaraigosa’s leadership, Los Angeles announced it will become the first large city in the United States to stop using electricity generated by coal-fired power plants.

Landscapes of the West are stars of new photo exhibit

Photographer Charlie Lieberman spent the last two years touring the American West to capture images that would best define the extraordinary landscape.

The link between trade and population

The relationship between trade and population is based on one main factor: growth. Growth of people, growth of goods and services, and growth of markets and capital.

Investigation underway over drainage system at Ballona reserve

The Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, part of the last 5% of California's remaining wetlands, was saved from development, but now Sierra Club activists and environmentalists are troubled by the discovery of a drainage system that may have impacted the approximately 600 acres of wetlands and uplands adjacent to Playa Del Rey.

Court says Saddle Crest housing plan in O.C. is a no-go

Showing consistency with other land use decisions in Trabuco Canyon, Orange County Superior Court Judge Steven L.

Let's stop loving our parks to death, OK?

Fitness, research, stress release, friendship, solitude, training, beauty. 

There are countless reasons to get outdoors. With more than 133,000 collective acres of wildlands in Orange County—the parks, scenery and experiences are plentiful. However, complaints are increasing from park users as they find that more of those experiences are negative and some are downright scary. 

Charged up about the rooftop revolution

Editor's note: What's it like to go solar? Lisa Ferguson of San Pedro details her experience with the Sierra Club's Sungevity program -- and how much she likes making her own power. And she has some advice: Try it.

Not everyone loves the green life, but that doesn't mean they can't live lightly on the planet

Every summer I join my family for a week of fishing and relaxation along a lake shore in northern Michigan. It’s always a pleasant time, much of it spent sitting in the shade of a big pine tree talking and catching up after a year apart.  

Desalination plant is selling a bill of goods -- and O.C. water users would pay the price

Poseidon Resources recently made another move in their attempt to build the environmentally destructive Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Plant. If built, this plant will increase energy use and greenhouse gasses, degrade water quality and fish stocks and privatize part of our water supply.  

A surprise on Moses Mountain

Deep in the Golden Trout Wilderness is a rock scramble called Moses Mountain. Chapter leaders Virgil Shields and Ann Pedreschi summited the peak in the Western Sierra on July 24 -- and discovered more than gorgeous views and a great climb.


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