Chapter volunteers who made a difference in 2013

Inner City Outings gets $15,000 grant from Mark Taper Foundation

Angeles Chapter Inner City Outings received a much needed grant of $15,000 from the S. Mark Taper Foundation in December 2013. The grant will fund 28 day hikes, service project outings, or tide pooling trips for elementary and secondary school youngsters. These outings will serve approximately 625 youngsters from our poorest neighborhoods.

California's drought: 10 ways to save water

Water is a scarce and precious natural resource in California, yet two thirds of the water used in homes goes toward watering the yard. What can the home gardener do to use less water, enjoy the garden more, and help the environment? Here are 10 easy tips.

Better alternatives to the Bay-Delta water grab

Gov. Jerry brown on Jan. 17 declared a state of emergency because of California's serious drought conditions. Many cities and counties have beguns to feel the effects and have imposed water restrictions.

14 Places to Visit in 2014

Have you planned your dream trip yet for the new year? The January-March 2014 Southern Sierran/Schedule of Activities is available for download and perusal.

14 places to visit in 2014

Click on the cover or here to browse our 14 Places to visit in 2014.

Ocean desalination, the bigger picture

As we look back on 2013 to gauge our progress in protecting the environment, one bright spot is the progress made regarding ocean desalination. At the beginning of the year, there were 16 ocean desalination projects being considered throughout California. Many of these projects were very controversial due their potential impact on the environment, high costs and lack of public support.

Sierra Sweethearts in Profile: Robin and Lori Ives: A Force for Nature

Sierra Club leader, activist and volunteer Lori Ives died Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014. Here's the story of how she and husband Robin met and shared a passion that would fuel their Angeles Chapter activities for a lifetime.

Activists halt Newport Beach housing proposal

In November, activists opposing a plan to build more than 1,300 homes in Banning Ranch in Newport Beach won a legal victory that reverses the city's project.

Mountain lion cubs born in Santa Monica Mountains

Three mountain lion kittens were born in the Malibu Springs area Santa Monica Mountains recently -- and National Park Service rangers have already started tracking them.


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