Do you know your local habitats? Come to the Nature Knowledge Workshop

Monday, February 24, 2014
Cliff McLean

Every week, hundreds, or even thousands, of Sierra Club members go outdoors on the hundreds of hikes and other activities offered by the Angeles Chapter in the Sierra Club schedule. Most of them take place in Southern California's natural areas (national parks, national forests, and state, county, or local parks and preserves). Nature enthusiasts go out to enjoy the challenge of the activity and the pleasure of being out in natural environments -- something enhanced by an upcoming Nature Knowledge Workshop in June.

When hiking with others, learning their names and a bit of their individual stories often makes them our friends and makes the hike more enjoyable. The same can be said about the birds, trees, butterflies, flowers, mammals (and even the beetles and spiders). Learning their names and stories can make them friends, ones we meet over and over again on outdoor adventures.

Nature Knowledge Workshop from June 6 to 8 spends a weekend in the mountains to increase people's understanding of Southern California’s natural richness. Sponsored by the Angeles Chapter’s Natural Science Section (NSS),it's a great way to help us get acquainted with plants, wildlife and habitats in L.A.'s back yard. Participants will find instruction on insects, birds, geology, botany, ethnobotany, ecology and mammals. You can expect to go on at least three nature walks in the camp area too.

Join us June 6 to 8, from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch, at a church camp in the Barton Flats area of the San Bernardino Mountains.

The workshop features outdoor explorations and a variety of indoor sessions to choose from, led by some of the area’s best professional naturalists. The setting is beautiful, the meals are excellent, and the dormitory style lodging is comfortable. Tent camping space and hot showers are available to everyone. Cost is $165 for Sierra Club members, $185 for non-members.

You can find more information and a registration form at the Natural Science Section website. This workshop also satisfies the environmental awareness requirement for I-rated leaders.

Hiking and exploring at the Nature Knowledge Workshop (top) and Indian paintbrush (below). Photos by Gabi McLean

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