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When You Waste Food, You're Wasting Tons Of Water, Too
by ELIZA BARCLAY, June 06, 2013 4:15 PM, National Public Radio
Tossing out food is clearly a waste of money — and maybe even immoral, according to Pope Francis, who on Wednesday likened food waste to "stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry." And as we've reported, you also may be creating extra greenhouse gas emissions by sending food to a landfill.


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What's in the plastic tub? It's a worm box -- and here's why every city dweller should have one

My one-bedroom apartment is home to a thriving herd of thousands of wriggling worms, ranging freely through a colony of bins. Worms are not demanding houseguests. Some soil to bed down in, a container to live in, and some food scraps a happy worm make.




Yard Trimmings Dumped in LandfillsMost of green waste not recycled; new laws, Puente Hills Landfill closure may force more composting
By Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
May 23, 2013
Most homeowners believe the myths about yard trimmings, namely that once they load them into a bin and drag it to the curb, the stuff gets recycled. 
They would be wrong. ...

(San Gabriel Valley News Photo by Walt Mancini)


How to Compost

A new documentary features Linda Olsen as a composting evangelist who, through humor, inspires and educates viewers about the basics of composting.

The film was directed by Winnipeg filmmakers Trevor Gill and Christopher Paetkau and produced by Winnipeg’s Green Action Centre.




Sierra Club Report Examines Food and Yard Waste Management in Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Cities must make better use of organics to prepare for new statewide recycling goals and Puente Hills land fill closure

LOS ANGELES - The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter recently surveyed cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties to better understand what the region is doing with discarded food scraps and yard trimmings, known as “organics.” The effort titled “The Organics Project” produced a report detailing its findings from the 23 cities that participated in the initial survey.





Greening our waste: 
Do you know what happens to waste in your green bin?

Sierra Club staff members and activists recently surveyed 23 cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties to better understand what the region is doing with discarded food scraps and yard trimmings. Does it go into methane-belching landfills or are cities finding a way to compost?

The data gathered will help the Club push for more sustainable management of these materials, known in waste parlance as “organics.”








Getting Yard Waste and Other Green Waste out of Landfills 

The Angeles Chapter Zero Waste Committee is gearing up for a 2012 campaign to ask cities to stop dumping green waste in landfills around the greater LA region (specifically LA and Orange Counties).  The campaign will use the window of opportunity created by the new 75% recycling goal of AB341 to pressure municipalities to focus on best practices for managing organics. 

Read more about it in the Southern Sierran, Why are we tossing organic waste into landfills?





Organics in the News


- Governor Brown’s budget includes organics in cap and trade


- Study shows throwing away trash is also throwing away our jobs


- NRDC: 40% of the food produced in the US never makes it to our plates


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